Royal College of Art, Gold och silversmithing, metalwork and jewellery

Master of Arts

London 2009-2011

Metropolitan University, Sir John Cass Department.

Certificate & Diploma in Silversmithing & Jewellery

London 2006–2008

Teaterhögskolan (Academy of theatre) Mime

Stockholm 1998

Strömbacka gymnasieskola. Konst & Form programmet

Gymnasium at Art and applied arts

Piteå 1993–1996


Hertha 2022 Wrote a piece for the Swedish feminist association Fredrika Bremer sällskapet magazine HERTHA about the economic situation on motherhood and being an artist. 

Collaborative conversations

2022 INTERNATIONAL ARTIST LAB based in Berlin, on the theme With children: Dance Artists between work and siding invited amongst seventeen artists-dancers / self organised artists network around the world to talk about creative work days and motherhood.d to talk about creative work and motherhood.

2022 Consultant/collaboration work doing an open call for an artist/dance residence with Dansplats Skog- a dance & residence company

2021 Arranged and participated in a panel discussion with the residence artists from Mothers in Residence at Gothenburg City Library.

2020 Participated in conversations with the start of SWAN a platform with the purpose of connecting all Swedish artist in residences

2020 The Art of Participating Konsten att delta /VG.regionen. Arranged a digital conversation on working with self initiated art projects with curator Anna Van Der Vliet

Examining present thoughts: Slowly untwisting my limbs and mind from the second time in life mainly caring for the carnal creations, what commonly is known as motherhood.

Ongoing, Artist / Piece Maker, studio at Flick Kollektiv, Gbg.

Creation 1, baby girl Viva Iris 2015

Creation 2, baby girl Disa Camille 2021

Group shows

2022 Mothers in Residence, Södra Änggården. Arranged and participated at a w.i.p collective residence event reading a piece of current writing

2012 Soane Museum London. Exhibited Pirate bracelet RCA’s alumni group show

2011 Gallery SO, Bricklane London. Performed songs and exhibited Pillow Book a diary sound piece based on a dream, sound projected through a pillow in Silver where?

2011 End of year show Royal College of Art London. We live in a high rise building video projected in the ceiling through a high rise wonky building in electro formed copper

2011 Nijmegen Marzee Gallery. Exhibited Spinal Cracker, a horn neckpiece and video installation.

2010 London/Nijmegen RCA collaboration with the Wellcome Museum at Marzee Gallery Wellcome to the body show. Exhibited Hunt for teeth (comment on Goya’s a caza de dientes) a porcelain/gold/silk and video installation

2009 Interim exhibition at the Royal College of Art. Exhibited journal photographs from a month long trip in Mexico

2009 Dray Walk Gallery, London. Exhibited Bronze cast bees. European exhibition and book tour by New Era

2009 Marzee gallery, Nijmegen. Exhibited War child’s coat in Overcoat

2008 Troll Doll Sir John Cass department, Met. University end of year show

2007 Sir John Cass department end of year show. Showcased a female silver body inspired by the mass-grave at Crossbones graveyard near London Bridge which was the burial pit south of the river for criminals, fallen women and bastard children.

*Along with a red enamelled leg in solid silver as a milagro for an elderly lady.

One morning on the bus from Dalston going to my part time job. An elderly lady fell as she was getting on the bus and cut her leg. I saw her fall and sat down looking shocked. I walked up to her and saw that her skin was cut open and it wrinkled its way like a a folding fan up over her shin, the leg was pouring out blood. I sat down on the floor by her seat and held up her leg until the ambulance arrived. But the ambulance got lost on its way there, so it took a very long time for them to get to where we were held up. While I held her leg we chatted and I left my phone number for her to get in touch, just to let me know that she had been taken care of later.

With her coagulated blood still on my arms as I showed up late for my work in a high end jewellery shop. I never heard from her.

The experience of being stuck in the not knowing, left an impression on me for a long time after I had washed the blood off, and as I sought a source for my well wishing – an intrigue of the narrative of trauma vs. healing began

Music / Performances

2022  Shambolic Soul album release. Wrote, produced and released this album with jazz pianist Esben Tjalve and musician Ross Hughes. Inspired by relationships from an early age and the circus of love

2022 5/8 Hunt for Love single release

2020 Läppstiftet, Lilla Bommen. Performed acoustic songs and poetry at Reaching for the Heavens, Losing the Earth exhibition opening

2020 Gothenburg. Performed at Konstepidemin’s performance 13 Festival. Thinking back through our mothers a voice and melody performance. A collaboration performance

2013 Gothenburg Sockerbruket. Gig with Serafina Steer on autoharp and vocals

2012/13 London/Gothenburg. Wrote, sang, arranged/mixed and produced an album (Shambolic Soul, released 2022)

2011 London. ICA, Institute of contemporary art. Alma Nofear music performance

2011 Released EP Alma Nofear with Magic Cousins. As well as the singel & the Confidantes on vinyl

2010 London Whitechapel Art Gallery. Music performance

2010 Copenhagens Jazzfestival. Alma Nofear music performance with Esben Tjalve, Jacob Smedegaard and Christoffer Appel.

2009 London Maida Vale Studion BBC. Recorded a live EP & the Confidantes

2008 New York. Opened at Fanny Gentle’s Solo show at ’31 Grand’ N.Y

2007 London. Started performing as Alma Nofear, the nervestruck doll in various music venues and bars around London

Awards / Grants

Göteborgs Kulturförvaltning. The grant extended from 2020 to 2022 in a project I produced from a personal experience working as an artist/mother in Sweden. With the idea of ​​founding a new platform for artists/mothers to create local artist residencies in order to activate an artist portfolio after maternity leave or other motherhood related work pauses.

South square trust scholarship award 2009

Tired Mama – hand sized bronze head resting on a silk pillow


2022 Land your first public work. Kulturakademin/Göteborg Bildverkstad

2021 Art & Business course. Kulturakademin

2020 Ceramic and porcelain intermediate course. Flick kollektiv

2018 Stone setting summer course. HDK Gothenburg

2015 Ceramic shell brons casting. KKV GBG

2008 Gemstone course. Aldgate London

Special commission

2010 Shakespeare’s mask. Exhibited at the Globe theatre London. Gold-plated copper mask set with various precious stones. Private commission was the prize in a treasure hunt event for charity

Fiduciary duties

2020-2022 Mothers in Residence  Chairman for the none profit association that arranges residences and raises issues around equality and artists’ conditions

2016/17 Ah oh hoo Choir leader



Fashion stylist 

Illustration work 

Event producer / consultant 

Illustration work for Book of Kindness by Rita Elaine Fishburn-Gibbs. 2011 Mexico

Drama och art teacher Christinaskolan/Strömbacka, Piteå 1998-2004

Theatre producer for children theatre in Norrbottens län Regnbågsteatern, Piteå 1995-1998 

Founding platforms

Produced a platform and network community Mothers in Residence through instagram and residence at the KKV GBG. Designed the MiR website for open calls and interviews that share stories of motherhood and artist practise with inspiring artists

2020-2021 Pop-up fine metal studio with writer Sine Johansen at Bangatan, Gothenburg

2018 Bild och Tingmakarna an ongoing project with Joel Albertsson

2009 Swanfield Boutique. Co-founded a design collective in Bricklane, London