Regarding the work of motherhood

Current work

Slowly untwisting my limbs and mind from mainly caring for the carnal creations, what commonly is known as motherhood.

Creation 1, baby girl Viva Iris 2015

Creation 2, baby girl Disa Camille 2021

Examining present thoughts: 

Loving and nurturing (24/7 that motherhood entails) is exciting/exhausting and the previous ways of creating creatively, as an artist, change.

What happens when the belief in value and the transformative energy: money versus action, is highlighted and objections are raised to questions within the obvious ranks? With Motherly things, like making time for love by being present, or clearing/calming the space by cleaning – tasks obvious and most taken for granted.

Since I became a mother my world became miniature, my heart grew and I most of all noticed the effect of that grey matter that had mass destruct it self away during pregnancy in order to re sculpture my brain and shape new interests.

My creative making has since motherhood mainly been focused in writing and research. Lately on social contexts of various local cultures (questions on the social construction vs constrictions in motherhood within the arts, the artists terms etc.) generally summoned humanity and behavioural norms.
Social experiments projects fascinates me and directing micro constructions as new or other foundations to step on.
Viewing other angles of a spectrum in whatever context at hand.
Trained silver and goldsmith, untrained in most other things however I trust as always the new special interest will guide me along to next episode of intense focus I call my work.